09/08/2018 Union of South Africa Steam Special from London  Victoria to Weymouth with Diesel Assist due to fire risk

06/09/2017 LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 Number 60009       Union of South Africa Steam Engine on the front and at the rear diesel Class 47 746 from London to Weymouth last of the 2017 Steam Specials .  Pictures are at Sway Road Brockenhurst and Upper Green Railway Bridge Lockerley near Romsey in Hampshire for the return to London.

The Class 47 is used mainly to take the Steam Special back from Weymouth to Southampton, as there are no easy engine turntable access at the Weytmouth end to take the steam Special back to London.     The train from Southampton heads towards Romsey, and turns right at Salisbury for Andover, and Basingstoke fot London.

Flying Scotsman Salisbury to Southampton Circular and From Salisbury to London near Grately Andover 31/05/2017

Double Header Black 5 at Old Basing, Basingstoke Hampshire 14/12/2013 from Southend Essex to Chichester Sussex

Double Header Black 5 at Old Basing, Basingstoke Hampshire 09/12/2013 from Ipswich to Winchester, steamed from Willseden London only

Double Header Black 5 at Lockerley Hampshire 05/12/2013 from London Victoria to Bath

Tangmere returns at 10-20pm 04/07/2013

Tamgmere returns through Brockenhurst Hampshire from Exeter.     The light is low, dark and no flash is used.     Camera buffs, 12800 iso is used on F2.8 and around 1/25 as train approaches towards me, and in end 1/100 shutter on last photos, using a Nikon D4 and 24-70mm F2.8 lens.

The Devonion 04/07/2013 Poole to Exeter

Pictures taken at Brockenhirst level crossing and at Lockerley, a small village near Romsey, on a Diesel only line to Salisbury.     Steam Engine is on this train.

Oliver Cromwell Steam Engine at Beaulieu Road Railway Station 31/07/2013

Oliver Cromwell Steam train Special was on route from London Victoria to Weymouth 31/07/2013.    It was helped by a Class 47 Diesel at the rear, due to fire risks on the rail mainlines.     

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