Hurst Spit Milford-on-SeaHampshire 18th & 19th February 2014

Hurst Spit Milford-on-Sea Hampshire 16th & 17th February 2014

On Sunday 16th February, the Hurst Spit was open to the public and was safe to walk along.     A lot of people were viewing the storm damage of 14th Feb. night.     17th Feb. repairs started to fill in the 20 000 cubic meters of washed away shingle.

After the Storms of 14th February 2014 taken 15th Feb. Milford -on-Sea Hampshire

Hurst Shingle Bank workings 07/02/2014

Workings on the Hurst Castle Shingle Bank to help prevent flooding of the Salt Marshes between Milford - on - Sea and Lymington in South Western Hampshire     The top of the Shingle Bank should be 10 meters or 33' foot wide, but the storms of January and February 2014 has damaged the bank.     

Hurst Shingle Bank between storms 06/02/2014

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