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Calmore Sports win the Voneus  National Village Cricket Cup Final against Alvanley Cricket Club at Lords on Sunday 19th September 2021 on web at 8pm.   2021 Cricket

Bashley vs Brockenhurst Wessex Premier League 26/10/2021 on web at 11-45pm Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Brockenhurst vs Bodmin Town FA Vase 23/10/2021 on web at 7-15pm. Cup Matches Part 1


Bashley vs Portland Utd 19/10/2021 Wessex Premier League on web at 11-45pm.   Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Blackfield & Langley vs Brockenhurst 16/01/2021 Wessex Premier League Match.   On Web at 6-30pm.  Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Blackfield & Langley vs Fareham Town 12/10/2021 Wessex Premier League Match on web at 11-30pm.      Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Bashley vs Hamble Team 09/10/2021 Wessex Premier League Match on Web ay 6-45pm.  Non League Football 2021 to 2022 Season


Lymington Town vs Dorchester Town Southern League Cup 05/10/2021 on web at Mid night 06/10/2021.    Cup Matches Part 1


Christchurch vs AFC Portchester Wessex Premier League Match on a very wet 02/10/2021.   On Web at 7-15pm.  Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Bashley vs Hythe & Dibden Wessex League Match 28/09/2021 on web at 11-45pm.  Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Ringwood Town vs Downton FA Vase Match 25/09/2021  On Web at 5-45pm Cup Matches Part 1


Lymington Town vs Hereford FA Cup Qualifier on Web at 10-15pm Cup Matches Part 1


Brockenhurst vs Blackfield & Langley Wessex Premier League on web at 10-30pm  Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Blackfield & Langley vs Wimborne Town FA Cup First Round Qualifier  on web at 6pm. Cup Matches Part 1


Lymington town vs AFC Totton Southern Division 1 Match on web at 10-45pm. Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Bashley vs Horndean Wessex Premiker League 28/08/2021 on web at 6-20pm. Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Ringwood Town vs AFC Stoneham Hampshire Senior Cup Round 1 24/08/2021 on web at 11pm. Cup Matches Part 1


Bashley vs Bracknell Town FA Cup Preliminary Round 21/08/2021 on web at 8pm. Cup Matches Part 1


New Milton Town vs Verwood Town Wessex Division 1    17/08/2021 on web at 11-30pm Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


AFC Totton vs Plymouth Parkway. Southern Division 1 on web at 11pm 14/08/2021  Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1


Bashley vs Clane Town FA Cup Extra preliminary Round. on web at 10-45pm 10/08/2021. Cup Matches Part 1


Blackfield & Langley vs Cowes Sports FA Cup Extra preliminary Round.    On Web at 10pm           Cup Matches Part 1

Wessex League Bashley vs Christchurch 03/08/2021.   Bashley win 2-0 on web at 11-15pm Non League Football 2021 - 2022 Part 1

01/08/2021 Calmore Sports vs Stoke Green Village National Semi Final on web at 10-30pm.  2021 Cricket


17 & 18 /07/2021 Cricket.   New Milton & Calmore.  2021 Cricket


Bashley vs Winchester City 31/07/2021 on web at 9pm.  Pre Season Friendlies


Blackfield & Langley vs Liphook United 27/07/2021  on web at 12-30 am 28/07/2021 Pre Season Friendlies


Bashley vs Bemerton H-H on web at 11-15pm 20/07/2021 Pre Season Friendlies


Salisbury vs Lymington Town on web at 11-30pm  10/07/2021   


FAWLEY VS BLACKFIELD & LANGLEY ON WEB AT 1AM 10/07/2021 Pre Season Friendlies




Brockenhurst vs Ringwood Town Section 2 Final at Brockenhurst.    Unable to put any other games sadly on this site due to COVID 19  restrictions, as matches covered were for New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times use only.     Virtually all games covered were "Behind Closed Doors Only" with media allowed to cover the games.


Pictures on this site 29/05/2021 at 9-30pm of this game.

Hampshire FA Russell Coats Cup Final Sholing vs Lymington Town 20/10/2020 on web less captions 21/10/2020. at 1am.  Cup Matches September to December 2020

Blackfield & Langley vs Fareham Town Wessex Premier Division Match 05/09/2020.    Blackfield win 1-0.    NonLeague Football August to October 2020

Brockenhurst vs Lymington Town Extra Plem Rounf FA Cup 01/09/2020.   Lymington win 0-1  Cup Matches September to December 2020

Football Hythe & Dibden vs Blackfield & Langley 15/08/2020 on web at 8-45pm 17/08/2020.     NonLeague Football August to October 2020

New Forest Benchmarker Posts on web 16/06/2020 with more to follow     

Keyhaven Harbour Views near Milford-on-Sea SW Hampshire 30th May 2020 around 8am on web at               1-30pm   Keyhaven Harbour 2020

Setthorns Enclosure and Longslade Bottom views 29/05/2020 on web at 3pm Les new mate Pedigree Yorkshire Terrier

Early Morning Walk Longslade Area Sway New Forest including Airbus A340 delivering vital supplies for NHS from China to Bournemouth on Wednesday 27th May 2020    On web at 7pm 28th May 2020   Les new mate Pedigree Yorkshire Terrier

Early morning Longslade Area of the SW New Forest near Sway with Jemma Puppy and views from Hincheslea Wood onThursday 28th May 2020.   On web at 4-30pm    More recent pictures to come soon from May 2020.   Les new mate Pedigree Yorkshire Terrier

Daytrip from Palma Mallorca to Geneva 20/06/2017 Flying along the French Alps and Geneva.    On Web at 1pm 16/04/2020      Travel     

Aerial Views Evening and Daytime 2 sets between London Gatwick and Palma Mallorca april to May 2017   Travel

New Pictures from April 2020 whilst in UK Lockdown, Present & Past   April 2020 Covid 19 Lockdown Historic Pictures

It has been a calendar month since my last website posting.    With the UK in Coronavirus Covis 19 lockdown, I have been kept busy, as just before the shutdown, I purchased a new mate.  A Yorkshire Terrier puppy, I saw advertised on the website, www.pets4homes.co.uk  from Southend. the little girl puppy was born on 28th December 2019 with full pedigree.    I saw both Parents of the puppy, I have named Jemma.    It my first ever dog, and itis a pleasure ot have her around.  Jemma just wants to be with me all the time, which is nice.    Like a lot of others, I have been doing some house & garden tidying when not spending time with Jemma.    Also I have done a few that needed to be done jobs on my old family farm on my own, with only Jemma with me


Also I have been going through pictures of the last few years, and I will be putting some in flight skyscapes coming soon.


Look after yourselves everyone, and try to stay virus free.




Pictures to come Soon


Christchurch vs Shaftsebury 14/03/2020 Wessex Premier Division Match on web at 8-45pm    

March & April Football Non League

Blackfield & Langley vs BashleySouthampton Senior Cup Semi-Final 10/03/2020 on web at 11-45pm. 10/03/2020.      2020 Cup Matches February to End of Season

Blackfield & Langley vs Poole Town First Half, and Fawley AFC vs Laverstock & Ford Second Half 07/03/2020 on web at 9pm.     March & April Football Non League

Birds  Blue Tits mainly on the edge of a Hampshire Woodland 26/02/2020 on web at 10-45pm 02/03/2020    2020 Birds in the Woods

Majorca while Storm Ciara blows in UK February 9th 2020 .   Outward Flight 9th February and returning 10th ( Pictures to Follow) and landing in Liverpool.    Extended Day Trip!!!!     Updated 17/02/2020 at 12-25pm.     Majorca 2020

Storm Dennis Floods 16/02/2020 New Forest Area on web at 6-45pm  2020 News and items of interest

Christchurch vs Sutton Common Rovers (Last Wessex League Club) in the FA Vase match.    Sutton win 1-2   On Web at 9pm   2019 to 2020 Cup Matches

Christchurch vs Falmouth Town 30/11/2019 FA Vase Match.    Christchurch win 2-1     Christchurch in Blue .  (One off the best games I have been to all season for football entertainment.)     FA Cup and Cup Matches

Brockenhurst vs Plymouth Parkway 02/11/2019 FA Vase on a very wet and stormy Saturday .   One off very few Nonleague games to go ahead.     Brockenhurst loose 0-3 after a lot of work to get the game to go ahead.    Kickoff delayed by 45 minutes, dfue to the very late arrival of Plymouth.      On web at 11-15pm .   Picture shown is at 2pm, one hour beffore kickoff.           2019 to 2020 Cup Matches

Birds in a Garden Visit in May 2019 on web at 9-30pm on 20th May .   Football League Season 2018 to 2019 now finished.     May be asked to so some Summer Sports for Media, and other Images I can use for Web .   Birds in the Garden

Pennington Marsh overlooking Isle of Wight Sunrise 17/02/2019  Keyhaven Sunrises

Longslade Bottom Mist and a Misty Setley Pond Sunrise 14/02/2019 .   Sun Rises and Sunsets 2019

Setley Pond Sunrise 13/02/2019 .   Sun Rises and Sunsets 2019

Keyhaven Sunrise Looking over to Yarmouth  Isle of Wight 07/02/2019 .  Keyhaven Sunrises

Day Trip flying easyJet to Reykjavik (KEF) Iceland from London Gatwick and Return viewing of the Northern Lights at 37000 Feetover the North Atlantic on Monday 4th February 2019 on web at 2-30pm 5th Feb.2019

Iceland Day Trip Flight from London Gatwick to Reykjavik (KEF)

A walk in the New Forest Holmhill Inclosure on Wednesday 10th October 2018 on web at 11-45pm 10/10/2018     Landscapes


Coast and Forest Events Meetup (CAFE) walk New Forest 07/10/2018 on web at 12 noon 08/10/2018      Coast and Forest Events Group (CAFE)


Boat trip to Hurst Castle, Alum Bay, Needles, Keyhaven, Pennington Marsh, and back to Christchurch and Iford . On Web 5-30pm 20/09/2018 .     From the Sea 2018 Lymington to Poole   


Aerial Views of Clouds over English Channel, Hampshire and Sussex Downs Morning 21/09/2018 on web at  8-30pm 21/09/2018   Aerial views


Basingstoke Canal Barley Mow Winchfield to Reading Road Bridge South Fleet on Thursday 2nd August 2018  Barley Mow to Reading Road Bridge South 02-08-2018


Snow at Fritham Eyeworth Pond Area North East New Forest taken 04/03/2018 pm .   On web at 8pm.  Eyeworth and Fritham Snow March 2018    


Last Steam Special of the summerof 2017 from London to Weymouth with LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 Number 60009 Union of South Africa Steam Engine and Diesel Class 47 at the rear.    Steam Railways



Whitten Pond New Forest 31/08/2017 . Landscapes


Flying Scotsman Hampshire Circular,Photos at Laverstock Village, and from Salisnury to London Victoria.   Photos near Grately updated 01/06/2017   Steam Railways 


AFC Totton vs Bideford AFC 1-1 but abandoned on 44 minutes due to a very waterlogged pitch, on web at         7-30pm 01/04/2017  Other Non League Leagues


Mallorca flights from London Gatwick on March 29th sky scapes.    S"Albufera Natural Park near Alcudia North East of Mallorca 30th and return flight to London Gatwick sky scapes on 31st March 2015.     All these images on this link are FOR SALE.    POA.

Blashford Lakes near Ringwood & Keyhaven near Lymington Hampshire 26/03/2015

Pictures are "For Sale" printed and digital.   POA.

Keyhaven and Milford-on-Sea Sunset 08/02/2015

All Pictures are available "For Sale" on digital and printed formats.    Phone or email for quote.

Phone: 07850 113348

Email: les.chasephoto@gmail.com

Keyhaven and Milford on Sea 29/01/2015

These pictures are for sals in printed form, or digital online.    P.O.A

Call Les Chase on 07850 113348

Hoegh Osaka back in southampton 22/01/2015

News Item pictures for sale

Sunset around Hurst Spit Southwest Hampshire on 18th January 2015

Pictures of this link are for sale in print or digital form.    Price on application.    

Phone on 07850 113348  or les.chasephoto@gmail.com


Mallorca 11th to 13th 2015

Mallorca 11th to 13th January 2015 skyscapes.     Sunrise over the sea from Cala Millor on Mallorca's East Coast 13th January with clouds in the sky.     A Hoopoe bird looking for morning feed on 13th January.


Pictures of this link are for sale in print or digital form.    Price on application.    

Phone on 07850 113348  or les.chasephoto@gmail.com      

Mallorca December 07 to 12 2014 with skyscapes, land and seascapes.

These pictures are for sale in various sizes and prices.     POA.

Sky Cloud Rock and Landscapes October 2014

Sky Rock and Landscapes taken 26th to 30th October 2014.      

Rocky Cliffs are at the entrance of the Caves de Arta on Majorca's East Coast.

Screen Savers Aerial Views

More added 07/09/2014

Screen savers pictures taken over France / Mallorca 01/09/2014

These images though on web as screen savers can  be sold as prints as well.  P.O.A.

Sky Bet Championship League Playoff Final Wembley 24/05/2014 Derby County vs Queens Park Rangers.    QPR win 1-0

Storms of 14th Feb 2014 Milford-on-Sea Area Aftermath and High Tide at Lymington Town Quay

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