Day Trip from London Gatwick to Reykjavik (KEF) with easyJet 04/02/2019 on Outward Flight, EZY8503 and Return Flight EZY 8508

A day trip to Reykjavik (KEF) International Airport Departing London Gatwick at 0832 and Landing in Iceland at 11-21.     The Flight cruised at 34000 feet and over Northern England, Scottish Highlands, heading to Stornoway before heading over the North Atlantic to Southern Iceland, and snow right to the coast.  Tepmerature in Iceland, a cool -3 dec c for the day.


With the returning Flight due to take off at 19-30 and Landing at Gatwick departed at 20-07 after de-icing and the route came back over Stornaway, West side of England then Oxford and Landing at a foggy Gatwick, CAT 3 Low Visibility Landing .   The flight level was on the return  37000 feet.



The return journey, a huge thanks to all that made it possible to get photographs of the Northern Light Display.     I was sat in seat 1F, and the captain informed me that I was sat on the wrong side of the aircraft.    A real helpful lady sat in 2A enabled me to get a load of pictures from her seat early on, and a chap in seat 30A at the rear of the aircraft  to get some more.


I would also like to give a huge thanks for the Cabin Crew for switching the cabin lights off for a short time, to be able to photograph the Northern Lights, which also I saw a number of other passengers photographing the Aurrora.


The forecast for the return of the Northern Lights was Low over this part of the world, but it was nice to photograph them.     I was using a Nikon D5  flagship camera.  Shutter around 1/60 or lower to 1/5, f2.8 to f4.    ISO generally from 20000 to 102400 and higher to H2, on auto ISO.   The Moon was on a New Moon Night,so the sky was a bit darker at cruise level.    Also, all photographs were hand held on the Aircraft.


All pictures are available "For Sale" on les.chasephoto@gmail.com .  Just quote any picture by the picture number required.    I hope you enjoyed viewing these


Les Chase

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