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Jill Chase Cancer Update

Sadly Jill, my wife for 24 years passed away on Thursday 28th May 2015 at 11-30am with myself at her side at Lymington Oakhaven Hospice.   She was aged 50 on the 27th May 2015.    Family said our goodbyes on Monday 25th May to Jill when she was semi- conscious.     Family celebrated Jill's 50th with her unconcsious, but small facial expressions.     Jill was admitted to Southampton General about a month earlier, then transfered to Lymington Oakhaven Hospice for the last 2 weeks of her life.


It was found that Jill had breast cancer, which already had spread to her back in September 2013.    After trying chemo, it made Jill very ill, and she had to stop.    Jill continued to battle with the cancer, but sadly it then spread to her liver.    Drugs kept it at bay for a while.    Around the middle of April Jill had to start chemo, a different type, milder than the previous drug.   Jill had 2 doses, and then had to stop due to a poor white blood cell count.    Sadly there was little more anyone could do for Jill, and with in 6 weeks approx. sadly Jill passed away with me at her side.     This is the reason I have not been able to attend any "End of Season play-offs"  


She will be dearly missed in all walks of life, from assisting me in taking photos for Basingstoke Town FC, where Jill worked up to around 20 months ago at Reflections Day Spa Shorefield Milford-on-Sea, and where Jill helped out on the bank nursing at Lymington Oakhaven.      I would like to thank all that have given me support in these tough times.     We have known each other for 27 plus years and married for 24 of these.   We NEVER had one argument ever since we knew each other, just loyal to each other, the whole time.     The funeral took place on June 12that St Mary's chapel Everton near Lymington with around 100 in attendence, followed by a celebration of Jill's life in the Crown Inn Everton.


Anyone can contact me by email at les.chasephoto@gmail.com

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