If intrested in ordering, please quote the picture area,ie. Frimley Lodge , then the number of the picture taken.     I have attended several events through the weekend, in various places,   "NOT LONDON".     I have attended the Basingstoke Canal festival at Frimley Lodge, on Saturday 2nd June.    I have also attended a street party in Blackfield near Southampton on Sunday 3rd June, and  my local village event in the small village of Everton in Southwest Hampshire on 4th June.     On the 5th June, I attended the arrival of the 3 Cunard Queens in Southampton, from 4am, through to 6am, from Hythe Marina, and was unable to view the fireworks, to finish the day's celebrations, due to poor weather conditions during the day and evening. 

The lighting of the Beacon on Hurst Castle at 2226 on 4th June was sadly a let-down, due to the lack of light from the Beacon, one mile away on the end of Hurst Spit.   

But, I was lucky enough to get photographs of the Lymington "Party at Woodside" on the 5th of June.    The conditions were poor, with heavy rain through out the whole event.    Even so there was a  nice small crowd in attendance.    


All pictures, there is NO Photoshop editing.    All are as taken with camera on this Jubilee Weekend.    


New on, 12/06/12  Duke of Gloucester Jubilee Steam Special Train passing through Sway Hampshire, from Poole in Dorset to Windsor on 6th June 2012, and Moonrise over Hurst on 04/06/12, along with a single picture of the Beacon being lit.

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